My parents named me Dhairya which simply means Patience. Born and raised in Mumbai, India where everything moves fast, the name may seem a bit of a paradox. True to my name for the most part as many who know me will attest, the one thing in which I have been quite impatient is in my mind’s ability to constantly wander about, flitting from one thought to the next. Some of these thoughts stick in memory and one part of this blog is a result of all these experiences¬† – on everyday life, nostalgia, life in a big city, and other random musings.

Then there is the second part. Where I capture experiences¬†from places I wander to and travel. Hoping that one day, the second part will be all there is to this blog…

Quite a few of these experiences I have also tried to capture through a simple photograph which can be found on my Instagram page!